Cries For Help On Facebook Part I

call the police. I need suctioning and nobody cares here.

I need suction. Please call the nursing home 7187144800

please call them. My ventilator is configured wrong. I need full support. 7187144800

please call them. I need suction and to be cleaned. Nobody has come in a long time

help me please. Come by and tell them I can’t breathe

call the police immediately

there is an cna. She is not reacting to me. She is cleaning my roommate. She doesn’t care

call abuse hotlines, call 911

nobody is coming. Please help me. I have been choking for several hours without suction

please call Chaim Deutsch. I can’t continue living like this.

help me. I’m being tortured here

I need suction please call

call them. I will die

call them

help. Call them

This post is to say hello to all my friends working in Coney Island Hospital. May God watch over you and have this corona virus not affect you.

Some more positive news about St Joachim and Anne. They are bathing me better. I’m cleaner. They installed an air mattress on my bed. It is a lot more comfortable. More staff is coming to see me. A lot of people have been helping me. A very long list. Thank you. A special thanks to Chaim Deutsch. He said he would never leave me and he has continued to tirelessly help me.

I have positive announcements to make regarding St Joachim and Anne Nursing Home. They have made moves to improve my experience. I was fully bathed in bed an hour ago and pulled up in bed. My back feels better and the burn and itch around my body has subsided. Irina the director, her assistant, the nurse, the respiratory therapist and several nurse’s aides came and we had a meeting together in my room. They have made serious commitments to further enhance my stay. I will keep everyone updated on what follows.

help me. Nobody is coming here. I need to be pulled up in bed and sat up to use my computer.

I’m beginning to get sores on my back. I can feel tingling.

St Joachim and Anne has lied to me. The supervisor told many things last night. All haven’t come true. I don’t have a one on one, no way to call staff. I’m filthy, my mattress is rock hard. I can’t get suctioned when needed. I’m in pain. Their number 7187144800 Room 311 B

This is a message to all my friends at Coney Island hospital. All the nurses, doctors, nurse’s aides, cleaners, social workers and higher ups. I was happy to have met you. I will be back. This time walking without a ventilator. Very soon!

I’m being tortured here. I want to die. I didn’t think things could be so bad. I never want to go back ever. I don’t want to stay. It is much worse than prison.

they told me that they won’t clean my whole body. I literally have feces, urine and sweat on me. It burns and itches all over. They barely clean you after going to the bathroom. I was even promised cleaning by the manager and nothing has happened

my ventilator is beeping. Nobody is coming. Call them. I need a one on one. Please help. God help.

I want to commit suicide. I told them. They just walked away. They are suppose to put a one on one

I was transferred to St Joachim and Anne nursing home. I have been here for about four hours. The bed is a very very cheap soldier’s bed basically. It is nothing resembling a hospital bed. It is a very basic wooden bed with a metal frame. It has a very low end stiff mattress. My back is in terrible pain. My hands are very uncomfortable. Nobody bothers to adjust them. Nobody really cares here with the exception of a few people I met actually all together. Their names start with A, B and V. They came in all together. You know who you are. Unfortunately they went home or somewhere else. I can’t call for assistance because I can’t press the call button. Playing loud music on my computer doesn’t help. Nobody comes. I think it is illegal to leave a patient without any way to contact staff, especially on a ventilator. When I came here I went to the bathroom, number two almost immediately. It took over two hours for someone to come and clean me. Two nurse’s aides cleaned me without a nurse being present. I think that is illegal for a ventilator patient. Either way they barely wiped at all. I have feces in my anus right now and it is burning. I have urine all over me. My scrotum is burning as well. The sweat from my genital area eases the pain. It is hard to cope with the itching and burning. When I tried to communicate with the nurse’s aides. They just ignored me. My bed is too short if I want to lay flat. I trach is continually clogged without a way to call the respiratory therapist unless it is fully clogged and the alarm sounds. I can barely breathe. The ventilator is very loud. It sounds like construction is going on near my ears twenty four hours a day. The hospital was heaven in comparison. The nursing home number is 7187144800. St Joachim and Anne Nursing home. Call them, call authorities and share. I’m being abused here really if think about it. It is torture. I’m also extremely hot. Please help me urgently. I can’t take this. I also can’t breathe.

at the nursing home they don’t have a way for me to call a staff member. My chest hurts now. I’m a sick person. I can’t be moved like this

Cries For Help On Facebook Part I

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