Cries For Help On Facebook Part II

I was just barely washed at all.

nobody has come for many hours to change me. I have been in laying in a dirty diaper for many hours

call them. I need suction and cleaning.

call them. I need to be pulled up before I choke

call them. I need suction

just spent nearly four hours without the computer being aligned at all. I barely got that last message out. I was choking for about half the time. I thought I would pass out. The certified nursing assistants left me with my hands twisted and in pain. The computer unusable and me all the way at the bottom of the bed where the top of the bed folds on your neck and you can’t breathe. The cna named Jean is especially ruthless. He curved my hand in such a way I was in pain for the whole four hours. I couldn’t do anything with the computer. The whole time one cna came into my room to check on residents at the beginning of shift. When I tried to make a sound to get her attention that something was wrong. She turned around and left. I will make sure Jean gets arrested I’m tired of his ongoing brutal behavior towards me. Mike Freed and Anna please allow other people to call. It can’t be just you two. I just nearly died. BTW, my diaper has been dirty for the last three hours and I’m still at the bottom of the bed. This is what goes on at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Call 7187144800 share this

call the police. I can’t communicate well. They are abusing me. Do it now

I need suction urgently. Call them

call them please. I need to be cleaned and my back washed 7187144800

help, more suction

call them immediately need suction badly 7187144800

call them. I need cleaning. 7187144800

call them. Suction immediately

call them. I need right hand adjusted

call them. Suction immediately 7187144800. I can’t breathe.

call the nursing home to turn me And cover me

The respiratory therapist just came to suction me after being called in by a cna that asked me if I needed something. I said suction. She came in with an attitude. Told me it is time for her to take her break. Did a poor job suctioning me and left. She wouldn’t me her name

the respiratory therapist came and left without suctioning me.

call the police. I’m choking and the respiratory therapist on duty told me she won’t suction the way I need. She puts the tube only part of the way down my throat. She leaves most of the mucus in my lungs and I continue to choke

help me now


call the police. I can’t breathe. Nobody comes.

My back hurts. I need to be pulled up and a wedge put on my left side. Plus move the computer slightly to my right. Thanks Suction also. Call them please 7187144800

they might shut off my internet. If you don’t hear from me. Call the police

my feeding tube broke two hours ago. My whole bed is soaked in fluid and nobody has come to do anything even after repeated emails to the email they gave me. After numerous calls. I have layed in a wet bed for two hours

Cries For Help On Facebook Part II

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