Cries For Help On Facebook Part III

This is what I have experienced at St Joachim and Anne nursing home.
My body consistently itches in about fifteen different places due to poor cleaning by staff.
The bed is too short for me. My feet consistently overhang on the bed. I’m in pain having my feet hang over a wooden board. They put a pillow under my feet.
There is absolutely no way for me to call any staff. I can’t press the button and nobody answers the emails that I send to the specific email address that they gave me.
The ventilator they have is a very cheap model. Much worse than in the hospital.
The internet stops working here frequently enough that it is dangerous for me since I can’t contact anyone.
The ventilator alarm only goes off if the air passage is one hundred blocked. Unlike in the hospital which alarmed when suction was required. This means it will only alarm if you pass out completely. You can choke for hours without alerting anyone. It is set this way because they have minimal staff to come and suction when you are just choking.
The suction pump is even cheaper than the one medicare gave me. It costs probably forty dollars. You need to suction about five, six times to pull everything out. In the hospital it was once. This basically hurts your throat by putting the tube down the throat so many times.
In the hospital they had professional cloth wipes. Here they dip napkins in water to clean you.
In the hospital it was important to clean someone that soiled their bed. Here you can easily spend six, seven hours in a dirty diaper.
Many staff members reluctantly do their job with an attitude. Very rampant here. Not everyone however.
There are people here working as nurses and respiratory therapists here that spend a good portion of the night sleeping and don’t visit patients at all for a long stretch of time.
One nurse I have starts at 7pm and I don’t see him till 6am. Almost quitting time. If I want to ask him something I can’t till his shift is almost over.
There are respiratory therapists that I almost don’t see the whole night.
When they position in bed there are a mass of wrinkles and bulges under me that nobody bothers to fix. That is how I sleep.
When they clean you they always forget many areas. You will wind up with one hip washed the other dirty. Smelly armpits, Filthy thighs soiled with urine, your head will be unwashed and itch nonstop. One side of your back will remain unwashed.
Many staff members start every conversation with I have to go I have other patients before even starting to listen to me.
Many staff members if they are doing their rounds and drop by. If I have something to say they just ignore me and turn around and leave.
They use water with soap to wash my eyes.
My back is in complete pain laying on the mattress they gave me which belongs on some other bed.
When they set everything up again after cleaning me Some CNAs ignore any signals from me. They leave my computer misaligned, my hands twisted and me all the way at the bottom of the bed. When I try to get their attention they just turn around and leave the room.
Someone here stole some of my supplements that I need.
With the exception of one person. Nobody here brushes my teeth ever.
They don’t give me all my medicines every shift. Because it saves time.
Nobody answers my calls for assistance for a long time. Sometimes for hours.
I choke unsuctioned sometimes for several hours.
When police come they don’t allow me to see them and file a complaint. They say that corona virus restrictions prohibit police from seeing me.
Sometimes my eyes burn for a long time because nobody wipes them. 
They clean ventilator patients without a trained person to handle respiratory. This is likely illegal.
They blame everything on staff shortages. Pay them triple for the time being and people will come to work. However profits are the most important thing.
My hands are constantly twisted and in pain.
Generally nobody moves me at all except when cleaning. This is harmful for someone paralyzed.
The whole day I lay in sweat, urine and sometimes feces.
They have started cleaning my anus better however.
Here you can wind up covered in several layers of dried urine in places they wash poorly.
Some staff here work like robots on a conveyor belt. They don’t care what you have to say. They just want to get to every patient and do a half ass job so they can say they are finished.
The one on one care I was promised hasn’t materialized. It was a lie.
The hospital bed I was promised hasn’t materialized. It was a lie.
The director has refused to meet with me since she probably has nothing to say. I will sue her personally for her personal assets to recover the damage that she has caused me. I plan to put a lien on her personal residence. A lien on her bank accounts. A lien on her investment portfolio.
Multiple times I have been left in urine soaked gowns because they didn’t have anymore.
I lay uncovered and very cold for hours because nobody comes to cover me for hours on end.
The regular visits from staff every half hour are not existant.
With that said there are good people working here also who do a splendid job but it is not many.
I have a lot more to write but you get the idea.
Please make sure you share this. It is an absolute must

suction again, please call them

suction. Call them. I have some moisture in my lungs

today in the morning I nearly died. At the nursing home they clean ventilator patients without a properly trained respiratory therapist or nurse present. This is very likely illegal. The cna cleaning me put a wet towel over my face for a very long time till I nearly passed out. When I motioned that I couldn’t breathe he continued cleaning me without any reaction. He started flipping me back and fourth till the point I couldn’t breathe at all. Finally he went and got the respiratory therapist. Both respiratory therapists on duty came and the head nurse came. They thought I was having a seizure. I was shaking, couldn’t breathe and my blood pressure was sky high. Eventually they were able to return me to normal. I thought I was going to suffocate and die. This is what happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home to reduce staff and make extra profits. Please make sure to share this.

suction. I can’t breathe. Call them

they are torturing me. I can’t continue. I want to die

I can’t continue living like this.

Cries For Help On Facebook Part III

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