Cries For Help On Facebook Part IV

I have been freezing for about two hours now

suction urgently and I’m freezing cold. Please call

I’m still choking. St Joachim and Anne nursing home Will kill me

suction urgently

the nursing purposefully is not picking up and not helping me the tubes are hanging off my throat

they don’t respond to me at all here. My life is in danger here

At St Joachim and Anne nursing home they change ventilator patients without a properly trained person to provide respiratory care present. Right now they left my trach tubes hanging off my throat. I’m in severe pain. Call whoever you see fit. Share this

I’m extremely tired of the poor care at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. They getting suctioned is some kind of privilege. I’m choking and they refuse to suction me. Call the State.

suction urgently

Jean the cna is now threatening me about putting his name on Facebook. I don’t want him as my cna. He could kill me. Especially that he cleans me alone without a respiratory therapist there. This is illegal likely. Just call the police. I need to make a report urgently

it took two hours for a wedge then I wanted to go to sleep. Two minutes later they removed the wedge for cleaning. They pressed my face into the bed I couldn’t breathe. Then they left me uncovered, hands twisted and computer misaligned

help, can’t breathe.

I have been waiting for over an hour in pain for somebody just to come and put a wedge pillow under my side. This happens constantly. I’m tired of this lousy care. It has been over two hours now. If any officers are seeing this swing by. I want to file a complaint and have an arrest made for neglect and reckless endangerment. St Joachim and Anne nursing home room 311B.

call the police. Tell them I’m being abused. I’m freezing cold

I have been freezing for about two hours. Nobody has come to cover me

I’m freezing. Please call and tell them to cover my feet and arms with towels. And open up the bed sheet on top of me.

I can’t live like this

call them. I need to be washed completely. The sweat is irritating my back and neck

help me. I honestly can’t take this anymore

pull me up and wipe my back. Call them

A perfect example of what I’m talking about happened about fifteen minutes ago. The respiratory therapist was in my room suctioning my roommate. I asked him to adjust my right hand. He didn’t do it. He left without saying a word. Can someone call I need suctioning and my right hand adjusted

Cries For Help On Facebook Part IV

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