Cries For Help On Facebook Part V

what happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. I continue to constantly choke. The ventilator doesn’t alarm due to low sensitivity setting. Suction takes a long time. My friends have to call and I still have to wait a long time even after the call is answered. I have been choking for an hour.

What happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home when I need suction. I can’t alert the staff in any way, shape or form. The nursing home has made absolutely no effort to accommodate myself and other paralyzed patients. They gave me an email to send emails to, but rarely anyone looks at the email account and responds. Only one person here does look at it and she is mostly not here during the week. And even she has other things to do and can’t sit and monitor the email account. The internet connection here also doesn’t always work. I only have one way to alert staff that there is a problem. I have to go on Facebook, contact friends that can call the nursing home. They make sometimes repeated phone calls. It might be twenty or thirty calls till someone picks up and then relays that information to someone that can suction me. Many times staff here just sit and let the phone ring without picking up or pick up and hang up. Nothing has been done to address this problem. Between me choking and someone actually coming to suction me can take an hour. Imagine that how you see on television nurses and doctors running in a hospital to help someone requiring assistance. Here you will choke for a whole hour on a ventilator that is set for such low sensitivity that you will need to pass out before an alarm goes off. This is the truth. Literally have your whole airway closed and pass out. Share this

I choke everyday here. My only way to reach staff is to contact my friends on Facebook. Nobody answers the email they gave me except one respiratory therapist and she is not always here. The nursing home has made no effort to find any solution at all.

suction urgently please call

A word about what happened yesterday at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. I had a nurse named Georgina. She came in like she doesn’t hear me. I asked her to close the window because I was freezing. She ignored me completely. She opened my feeding tube and poured water into my stomach with a tube that had soap residue in it. The water she was pouring into my stomach was filled with soap. Then one part of the feeding tube fell on the floor. Instead of cleaning it well with alcohol she wiped half of it on my bed sheet and plugged a dirty feeding tube back in and continued running food to my stomach with a feeding line that touched the floor and has bacteria on it. This is what is happening to me and your loved ones here.

My terrible treatment at St Joachim and Anne nursing home continues. I have been mostly silent for the past two weeks. However my care has remained the same. There are people doing a good job. Those people continue doing a good job however the nursing home has many staff members who simply abuse patients. I was just diaper changed. I was left in a urine filled gown and soaked bed sheet. My hands twisted and fingers pressed in various painful positions. When I complained it took a long time to mediate the problem. I’m real tired of this

suction urgently. Please call 7187144800

update : I’m dealing with the incident. I’m still living. Remember I’m the strongest.

This is the last night I struggle here in St Joachim and Anne nursing home. I need my caretakers to be allowed in. They are not regular visitors. I need them to survive.

Tonight at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. The respiratory therapist Michael Joseph tried to choke me with his hands. This is the same respiratory therapist that doesn’t even come into my room even once the whole twelve hour shift. The nursing home knows about this and they still schedule him. He doesn’t like me because I wrote on Facebook that he neglects his patients. He told me that he will put my Jewish ass to sleep forever. My throat and neck hurt now. Police were called by the ambulance that responded because if one of my friends calls the police the nursing home purposefully turns them away telling them it is not an emergency and they can’t go to my room because they are under quarantine. I never get to see any police officers, except one time they told the nursing home they are coming up anyway. I’m abused here through and through. He was arrested. Please make sure you share this. Please call the news media. Give them my information

call the police. I can’t breathe

call the ambulance. I need suction urgently please

help me

please call

I’m choking. I need suction urgently. Call the police

They finally came to clean me after four hours of my scrotum and anus burning from the feces and urine left behind. They wiped me several times with a wet napkin and then with a different one. Showed me that second one and told me that I was lying to them and that I was clean all along. However prior to that the nurse wiped my anus slightly to see whether I was dirty. It came out very dirty and we both saw that I needed to be cleaned again. That is why she ordered a second cleaning. I would like to stress that she is a good nurse and very responsible. They left me with my hands pressed straight into the small hand rests I have. My fingers are in pain. They left me too upright like I’m sitting in a chair. They didn’t cover my arms and my upper body. I’m cold, sitting upright, my fingers in pain and can’t sleep. They just turned around and left. One of the two CNAs usually does a good job I want to say. Today is odd for her. I have this kind of traumatic situation probably every second day. I just don’t post every incident. A patient with ALS that is paralyzed and can’t speak can’t be stressed like this especially on a consistent basis. Nothing has been done by management over all this time

I have been waiting for improvements from St Joachim and Anne nursing home. There are employees that help me here. A nursing supervisor, two respiratory therapists and a social worker. They have to do their other duties most of the time and can’t help me always when I need help. They are also not always here since they work three day weeks with the exception of the social worker. When they are here and are free they do adjust my hands, cover me so I’m warm, suction me, adjust my computer, so it is not all bad. On the night shift only the nursing supervisor is here three nights a week and many weekends none of those people are here. That is when it is unbearably hard. There are a couple of good CNAs and a couple of good nurses but a large portion of the time it is very hard here. Especially if you are paralyzed and can’t speak. They treat you like a farm animal. Mere livestock

This is what happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Remember I told you about the respiratory therapist that the whole twelve hour shift didn’t even come in to my room. If not for a nurse suctioning me that night I might have suffocated. Guess what happened to that respiratory therapist. He is working tonight like nothing happened.

Right now my hands are twisted. My computer badly aligned that I have to strain my eyes to type a letter. My anus was so poorly wiped that it has so much feces that it is like I deficated and it was never wiped. I’m half naked uncovered and freezing cold for the last hour. I was promised that they will wash me again and an atrocious initial cleaning. I’m still waiting. I’m cold and my anus and scrotum is burning from the feces and urine left behind from the initial cleaning. I have not written anything about St Joachim and Anne nursing home in about a week hoping for improvements, but this last week nothing has changed. Every day was like it was initially. The nurse on duty however is a very good person and is very responsible in caring for patients. I can’t say anything bad about her.

Want to really know what goes on at St Joachim and Anne nursing home? Several days ago my room was cleaned by the cleaning lady. Because they are short on supplies she used a chemical containing bleach to clean various things in my room. After she was finished I started feeling as I couldn’t breathe. My lungs were irritated and were closing. The respiratory therapist had to come and get me back to normal. Laugh all you want. Cry all you want. I wonder how many people that are unconscious here at St Joachim and Anne nursing home and there are many here, all of course on a ventilator, had their rooms cleaned with a bleach product. Had their lungs shut down and wound up dying. It was probably more than one. The official report will say that the person just passed away and they did cpr and failed. It won’t say untested products were used in the room. Please make note before you send grandma to a nursing home, especially this one

This is what happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Several hours ago I was washed by a cna named Rita. She did the awful job( I remember how she left me in a gown that was completely and utterly soaked with urine. She even told that to the other cna, but said that there are no more gowns and put it back on) she usually does except she went even further this time. She left me completely in a layer of dried urine. She failed to clean my thighs, hips and whole left side, even after I specifically asked her to. While cleaning me the trachostomy tube popped out and she didn’t notice for a whole minute. Good the other cna who just started working and was helping her noticed it. I was on my back and could have lost consciousness. Neither of them could place the tube correctly. They kept turning me and it kept popping out but at least the new cna had the sense to get the respiratory therapist. He is actually still learning but will be a good cna in the future. This is what happens when you have people likely illegally cleaning you that are not trained in respiratory care at all. Anyway Rita didn’t even bother putting the computer in front of me., didn’t adjust my hands, didn’t pull me up in bed, I was wound up all the way down. Didn’t bother covering me with a bed sheet. Didn’t put a pillow under my head. Didn’t put the hand rests under my hands. She just left me freezing cold, half naked, with my hands twisted and at the bottom of the bed without a computer. The kind respiratory therapist had to help me

since 7pm, the beginning of his shift my respiratory therapist has not entered my room at all. He is suppose to check the equipment at the beginning of shift. It is now 4:49am. That is almost ten hours I have not seen him. If not for a nurse here suctioning me I would choke to death.
update : He didn’t come at all. The whole twelve hour shift.

call them. I need suction.

I froze for three hours

I have been freezing for about two hours now

Cries For Help On Facebook Part V

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