Cries For Help On Facebook Part VI

Was waiting a long time for suction. Finally suctioned by nurse after throwing up. Because my respiratory therapist was on break and respiratory therapist Dina Quinteros wouldn’t come. My whole bed had to be cleaned and I was cleaned from vomit.

Did St Joachim and Anne nursing home react to my request about the issue surrounding Dina Quinteros, a respiratory therapist employed here? The answer is no. Nothing has been done. My life continues to be endangered. There are large stretches of time that there is absolutely nobody to help me if I go into respiratory distress. I can die any minute. It is very negligent to leave a ventilator patient without any supervision at all. This is what they continue to do. Their phone number 7187144800. Please share this. It is a must.

I wound up, throwing up but my cna cleaned me well.

I’m choking, nobody is coming. I need suction

suction I’m choking

at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. They have a respiratory therapist named Dina Quinteros. At first, I said I didn’t want anything to do with her. But the respiratory boss Greg said that she must come to me to suction when the other respiratory therapist is on break. I gave him several suggestions like sending her to another nursing home that they have a contract with called Four Seasons. Or hiring a third respiratory therapist. Of course they won’t hire anyone. We sometimes don’t have bare necessities like wipes, towels, pillowcases, etc. Currently we don’t have any wipes for over a week. Greg told me not to dictate to him what happens. So I agreed to her coming but said if she plays games I will have no choice but to call 911. There is no other option here. The higher ups don’t do anything. Last time Dina was working I asked for her to suction me when my respiratory therapist was on break and she refused to come. I feel very unsafe. The nurses there don’t know how to configure the ventilator. Nobody knows except the respiratory therapists. If I have breathing difficulties there is nobody to help me when my respiratory therapist is on break. Not only that, when a patient has breathing difficulties both therapists come as well as other available staff. I feel very unsafe. She refuses to come and she continues to work here. I’m also concerned what she will do if I have breathing difficulties. For at least one hour a day there is nobody to help me if I’m having issues. As well as when my therapist is doing something and is not on the floor. That means I’m in grave danger throughout the day when she is here. She also has psychological problems and very unprofessional. She shouldn’t be working with patients the way she is. One day I can pass out and die due to her. I’m at St Joachim and Anne nursing home, 2770 surf ave room 311 bed B, in Brooklyn ny. Call them and tell them that she is a menace and a danger to me. Many times throughout the day I don’t have anyone to help me when she is here. Their phone number 7187144800. Please share this. I have been quiet for a long time even though there have been some staff that work poorly but this just endangers me completely. There is also good staff, who I want to thank. Please share. It is a must

I need suction right now. Call ambulance. 2770 surf ave room 311 bed B

I have been asking for more suction. For a half hour. Nobody has com. I have saliva all over my chin and mouth. This is what happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home.

I have been asking for suction for 82 minutes and nobody has come to suction me. I can’t breathe.

I can’t breathe. Call an ambulance

I need suction, call the ambulance.

the phone system in St Joachim and Anne nursing home is not working. You can’t dial extensions. You just hear beeps and nobody picks up. I email them and nobody reads my emails with the exception of one respiratory therapist. She is here only three shifts a week out of 14. Here is their number 7187144800. Try it, tell me if it starts working. Post here or PM me. I’m in a very dangerous situation without any way to reach staff. Nobody here checks up on me regularly. I’m basically helpless if I need something

Dear Gregory ( respiratory therapist boss), Lisa Schianno Denis, Marianna Kozina and Irina Katayeva
This is an official notice that I do not want Dina Quinteros to be my respiratory therapist from this moment forward. She is endangering my life and working with her is not a pleasant experience. Under the law the option of not having any contact with a certain health care worker is guaranteed. If she comes back to work at St Joachim and Anne nursing home I’m requesting that a second therapist be available at all times. This is necessary for my well being. I’m emailing all of you and posting this on Facebook to make it known what my request is, the date and time of my request and make you aware of civil and criminal consequences of ignoring my request and the civil and criminal consequences of any damage and/or death that may arise as a result.
Mikhail Vinitsky

This is what happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. I had multiple people call the nursing home requesting suctioning for me for about two hours. I have emailed the email they gave me multiple times. The person on the phone promised that my respiratory therapist will come, but Dina Quinteros, my therapist has not come on purpose because she said she will suction me every two hours and doesn’t come even if I’m choking. BTW, she actually doesn’t even come every two hours without numerous phone calls to the nursing home from my friends. She needs to lose her license. Please notify appropriate authorities. Please share.
update :She just came after about two and a half hours when the ambulance arrived to my room. Otherwise she wouldn’t have come.

at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. One of my friends called just now for a diaper change and was informed by a low level staff member that from now on they will only accept calls from my mother and Anna Shpilkovaskaya. This is illegal. I designated about fifteen people who can call and inquire about my condition and put no limit on who can call the nursing home on my behalf when I require assistance. They want me to suffer needlessly and choke every day. Please contact the media. Please contact politicians and share this. What they are doing is illegal.

my midnight cna left me cold, uncovered with my fingers twisted. I tried to tell her with my computer and she just turned around and left. I have been waiting for over an hour and a half for someone to come to help me after repeated calls to the nursing home. That is how I live at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Call the nursing home 7187144800. Everyone call. Share this.

file complaints on my behalf against St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Real tired of choking.
The New York State Department of Health has oversight over the nursing homes and the responsibility for enforcing federal and state nursing home regulations.  You can submit a complaint to them, using this on-line form:…/nursing-home-complaint-form
The Attorney General’s office also investigates abuse and neglect in nursing homes.  Here is the link to their online form:

they came after an hour of me choking. They said they couldn’t come before because they have a new admission. That is why you hire additional staff. Not make it by on the minimum staff you get, in order to increase profits

they continue not picking up. My life is in danger here at St Joachim and Anne nursing home.

my friends are calling the nursing home because I need suction. They are purposely not picking up. They gave me no way to contact staff in an emergency. They don’t answer the emails I send them, except one person. This is what happens at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Share this.

suction urgently. I can’t breathe. Threw up

Cries For Help On Facebook Part VI

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