Cries For Help On Facebook Part VII

The night shift CNAs do the very worst job of all shifts by far and their supervisor on Saturday and Sunday night sleeps all night and doesn’t supervise them at all. This is what happening at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home. This is the shyte they do

I had a new cna for the night shift. She ran away. It was over 7:00 am. She left in a really bad state. She barely cleaned me. She left feeding leaking all over my bed. My hands completely twisted. Computer misaligned. Uncovered. Unsuctioned. Tubes so primed into my neck I couldn’t breathe and was in pain. She said she had to run and the day shift will finish the rest. This is the job they do here after sleeping a good portion of the night.

At Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home, previously they had too many patients but lately they have trying to get their total of ventilator patients down. They had 19 patients for a while and they were waiting for one of them to die or something to happen to them. Now they have only 18 ventilator patients. This week they have moved to only one respiratory therapist on duty for a good portion of the day, or even the whole day. This is a very dangerous situation. There are a lot of people needing care at the same time. Someone could die. But when they have 18 patients they can legally have only one respiratory therapist. Not only that, this respiratory therapist goes to lunch and breaks and then there is nobody that can adjust the ventilator if someone experiences breathing difficulty or respiratory distress. Sometimes they don’t even have a registered nurse to suction on the floor. This is illegal. They only have LPNs. But either way even registered nurses can’t adjust the ventilator because they don’t know how. Someone will die because of this cost cutting maneuver. Please share

the night shift didn’t respond to my calls for help for nearly two hours and then guess what? They just went home. The day shift came and fixed everything.

nobody has come for an hour and half to help me.

call the ambulance to 2770 Surf Avenue, Room 311 Bed B, Brooklyn NY. Nobody is coming to help me here. My hands, neck and head are in pain. Call now. Don’t ask someone else to call.

I’ve been waiting for help for over an hour for the following head towel closer, lower head, raise bed, fix hands, wipe eyes please cover me, turn fan. I’ve been pressing the call bell and they ignore me on purpose. Repeated calls from people to them. My neck, hands hurt. I’m cold. Nobody cares here at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home.

I’m still all messed up from the night shift. My hands and eyes are in pain. Nobody has fixed anything even after an hour.

they left me with the breathing tube, hands messed up and my shoulders need to be covered and I need eyes wiped and suction. The night shift CNAs, this is how they leave me at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home.

Police were called and came regarding the incident of reckless endangerment. They are monitoring the situation closely.

I need suction. People are calling and whoever is at the nursing station picked up and hung up at Wednesday 7:33 pm. I remember people hanging up before. I’m not going to accept that. I will make sure that person no longer works here. I’m also not going to accept someone sitting at the nursing station and not picking up while people are calling that I need suction and the alarm in my room is on. This is what goes on at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home. Please share

Dina Quinteros continues to work here at the nursing home and not come when I need her. Today I almost suffocated. Now the staff at the nursing home lie to me that she is not here and they only have one respiratory therapist on the floor. When my respiratory therapist went to lunch today there was nobody to suction me. I told them that I’m having a heart attack before someone even came. I was waiting for an hour. It is illegal to have the floor unmonitored without even a registered nurse to suction people. That is what happened today if she was really not here. But I’m sure she was here and just refused to come.

hands are twisted, I need to be pulled up in bed, I’m poorly covered, CNAs didn’t even call the respiratory therapist to suction me and trach tube is so deformed that my throat hurts. Happens very often during the night shift. Especially when their best night cna is not here.

Dina Quinteros lied to the police that she is not my respiratory therapist and is not supposed to come to me. She is a respiratory therapist for the whole floor and is supposed to respond when anyone is in respiratory distress regardless who she is assigned to and suction everyone on the floor who requests it when the other respiratory therapist is on break regardless of who she is assigned to. The respiratory boss Greg told her this and she won’t come anyway. This means they need to hire a third respiratory therapist or move her to another nursing home that they have under contract. Today when the second respiratory therapist was on break I nearly suffocated. After talking to her the police said that they have other calls and just left. They didn’t even wait for me to type a response on my computer. if I go into respiratory distress when the second respiratory therapist is on break I can die and they have several breaks. A one hour lunch and another forty minute break and sometimes the second therapist leaves an hour early. That is two hours and forty minutes that I can go into respiratory failure and nobody can even adjust the ventilator. And the nursing home knows about this.

please call the police and tell them the nursing home is purposefully blocking them from coming upstairs. I need to file a complaint report for reckless endangerment. My address is 2770 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn NY room 311. Respiratory therapist Dina Quinteros refuses to suction me and there is nobody to help if I go into respiratory distress. This is reckless endangerment. The nursing home knows and won’t do anything. They told her she must respond and she won’t. I can die. Please call now. Multiple calls are ok.

at Saints Joachim and Anne Nursing Home. They block my access to the police on purpose. When I call the police to make a report downstairs they tell them the place is under quarantine and everything is ok and the police can’t come up. Then the police leave without me seeing them. Share this please.

Dina Quinteros refuses to suction me and there is nobody to help if I go into respiratory distress

the same sweetheart nurse that helped me last time they took my call bell away came from the other end of the floor and helped me again. I still need suction however but I have my call bell.

I need suction and they took away my call bell

my call bell was taken away again during the night. Same group of people working as last time. I’m still without call bell. I’m at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Please share.

At St Joachim and Anne nursing home they try to save pennies on literally everything. Almost every day there is a shortage of supplies. They are either short of one or more of these things, gowns, blankets, wipes, towels and pillowcases. They use the very cheapest form of everything. The diapers have now been changed to a lower grade uncomfortable brand. When they lack wipes they use ordinary towels to clean feces. When they don’t have enough gowns they put back on you the same urine soaked gown after cleaning you. However most of my CNAs try to get me a gown from somewhere. When they don’t have pillowcases they wrap my hand pillows in towels. But remember there are many good people here also.

At St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Every room is very hot. On this floor there are machines in every room that give off extreme heat. They purposefully turn off the hallway air conditioners to save money. Because the whole building is very hot. Either that or the hallway air conditioners are broken. My room feels like being near a pizza oven all day. They have fixed the air conditioner in my room many times. They take out the old air conditioner and bring in another old air conditioner from storage to replace it. They refuse to buy anything new. This is very unhealthy for ventilator patients. It could easily cause heatstroke.

At St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Again today and yesterday Dina Quinteros is working as a respiratory therapist who refuses to come and suction me. My respiratory therapist will go on break and my life is at risk. There is absolutely nobody to help me if I go into respiratory distress. I can die very easily. Greg the respiratory boss told me that she must come to me and I said ok. But she doesn’t come to me and even said that the nursing home specifically told her not to come to me. That means the nursing home is purposefully endangering me.

At St Joachim and Anne nursing home last night my call bell was taken away by someone and put out of reach of my feet purposefully. When I sleep sometimes I accidentally touch the call bell and the alert lights up. So last night someone that was to respond when need her decided to teach me a lesson and put the call bell out of reach completely. I woke up in the middle of the night with no way to reach anyone and my eyes were irritated so I couldn’t open them properly. They endanger my life here everyday. Good that the nurse from the other side of the floor came to check up on me. She is a sweetheart and helps me when she is here. Because my nurse that I’m assigned at night right now basically never comes and probably sleeps the bulk of the night. She doesn’t change my gtube dressing or give me water. Some days I wake up dehydrated with a headache. Please share.

I have been waiting for suction for an hour and half and nobody has come. This is the care at St Joachim and Anne nursing home. Please share this post.

Cries For Help On Facebook Part VII

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