1. My nursing home bill, past and future for this stay to be annulled in a written and signed statement by the person authorized to do so from Saints Joachim and Anne Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Due to the fact I was brought to this nursing facility forcefully, involuntary, completely against my will, with no choice in the matter. I never made any promises to pay in any form, written, oral or otherwise. Nor did anyone who has the ability to make such an agreement on my behalf.
  2. My bed delivered to my apartment for free. (Nursing home has already agreed.)
  3. Registered nurses at home caring for me 24/7, not LPNs.
  4. Actual Training for certified nursing assistants. Nobody trains the CNAs at all. They simply learn while doing without any guidance from superiors. Many times they learn how to do the job poorly.
  5. A person to answer phone calls and dispatch messages to appropriate staff on all shifts on every floor. If a friend or family member calls on the behalf of a patient nobody picks up the phone or someone picks up the phone and hangs up without listening to the person on the other line.
  6. Complaints that are answered and rectified. I email the upper management with concerns, complaints and suggestions. I get a response under 2% of the time. 
  7. Increase in salary for good performing employees. Judged by patients. Someone who works hard shouldn’t be receiving the same salary who just pretends to work.
  8. Firing of bad employees. Judged by patients. Employees who pretend to work should be pretending in a different nursing home. Not here.
  9. Four nurses on each floor on all shifts. They might have as little as one nurse for the whole floor very often to save on money. This means every patient rarely sees a nurse, sometimes not at all the whole shift.
  10. Six certified nursing assistants on each floor on all shifts. Sometimes they have as little as two CNAs on my floor and as little as one CNA on other floors. This means that not every patient gets cleaned the whole shift. It has happened to me several times where the whole eight hours I lay in in a urine soaked bed with feces under me, drenched in sweat without any cleaning.
  11. Three respiratory therapists on the ventilator floor. They often have just one respiratory therapist working to save on money. This is simply not enough for thirty five patients on ventilators. Emergencies occur all the time where two patients are in respiratory distress at the same time. I have waited for up to two hours choking on mucus without anyone responding. I have vomited a descent amount of times waiting for suctioning as well.
  12. A choice of doctors for every patient, as oppose to forcing to interact with a certain doctor or not receive medical assistance at all. The nursing home has contracts with certain doctors some of whom are inept and don’t care. There should be a choice of professionals in each field.
  13. A respiratory supervisor in charge of respiratory therapists stationed on the ventilator floor at all times to make sure every patient receives appropriate suctioning. Most patients go the whole day choking without any attention. 
  14. Setting the ventilator on a much more sensitive setting to alert respiratory therapists when patients are choking.  It is set on the NY state minimum. This means when patients choke there is no persistent alert. For the alarm to go off your diaphragm needs to start spasming or the airway needs to be blocked completely to the point you lose consciousness. This is torture The standard is unacceptable.
  15. One and half hour lunch breaks for all employees. Many employees are so burdened with work that they work through their lunch on certain shifts. On certain other shifts they don’t respond because they are sleeping when they should be working.
  16. Eye gaze computers for all patients who can not talk and who can’t write due to paralysis. These patients can’t communicate their needs. This means that they very often sleep on bulges under them in bed because nobody cares enough to straighten the linens under the person. Their hair is very long and unkept. Their fingernails are very long and uncut. They are drenched in sweat and soap that hasn’t removed from their skin during cleaning. They are poorly positioned in bed, laying in discomfort. They have toothpaste that wasn’t cleaned off,  on their chin, corners of the mouth and cheeks eating through their skin causing painful sores. They have their tracheostomy tube that was poorly adjusted, crooked in their throat causing pain. They lay in feces and urine for as much as eight hours if they are cleaned every shift and as much as 16 hours if they are not cleaned by a certain shift. They have bed sores due to laying in bed and not being turned for very long periods of time. Their feeding and water is turned off for as much as twelve hours without any alert to anyone and without anyone checking on them. They have the same urine soaked gown put back on them after cleaning due to the lack of supplies. Their whole body itches because they were barely washed. Their eyes are irritated because some CNAs wash their eyes with soap. They are so dehydrated that they require hospital care. Their call bell device is taken away because it bothers staff since their is a flashing light on each door and the hallway has a video camera. So they take away the call bell so there won’t be any flashing lights taped by the video camera. They can’t call anyone, not staff, not their family, not their friends, not the ambulance or police. They are totally isolated. My first roommate here died this way. The beds here are not made for someone laying motionless 24 hours a day. They are in complete pain the whole time being tortured. They have open sores and wounds on an ongoing basis that are poorly attended to. Their diaper is on very tight constricting their scrotum and penis causing a wedgie in their anal crack. Their tracheostomy is  hurting them because the gauze and collar hasn’t been changed in a long time. Nor has anything under the collar and gauze has been wiped or cleaned in any way. The breathing tubes are positioned in such a way that the trach is so slanted in the patient’s throat that they are in continual pain. Their hands and fingers are left twisted for many hours rendering them in agony. Their room is poorly ventilated and very hot due to the owners trying to save money. It could easily cause a heatstroke especially being dehydrated for long periods. Their anus is full of feces and armpits irritated from soap residue and sweat from not being well cleaned or not at all. They are given extra medicine to put them to sleep and sedate them. They choke continually without any attention.  How do I know this? Because everything has happened to me. Everything except the bed sores because I have a special bed.
  17. Each patient is listened to, instead of ignored. A very large amount of staff come in and peek around my curtain and immediately leave when they do their rounds to check whether a patient is still alive. When I press the call bell with my foot, when they come the first thing they tell me is that they don’t have any time. God forbid I ask for something. 
  18. Monthly cash bonuses for best nurse, certified nursing assistant and respiratory therapist. Judged by patients. Good employees go unrewarded here. They only get more work.
  19. Ample supply of gowns, blankets, pillowcases, towels, professional gloves and wipes. We have shortages of at least one of those things every single day. This means that the appropriate job can’t be done and patients are in discomfort. They use towels to wrap pillows when there aren’t any pillowcases. They use towels to clean people when there aren’t any wipes. They use bed sheets for blankets when there aren’t any blankets. They use rolled up gowns to center my head when there aren’t any towels to roll up. They use gloves that lunch ladies use to make sloppy joes for fifth graders for professional work. Of course none of this happens when the state inspections come.
  20. More comfortable diapers. They had better diapers before but they are trying to save money so these diapers now are smaller and of poor quality. 
  21. Video cameras in the room that record both video and audio of patients who ask for one. There is abuse in every room going on here.
  22. A respiratory therapist present during cleaning if a patient requests one. This is to prevent choking and vomiting.
  23. A new air conditioner for patients that ask for one. They refuse to buy anything new. They bring an old air conditioner from storage to replace a non working air conditioner but the replacement air conditioner also works poorly.
  24. A person that comes to every patient throughout the shift to make sure they are ok on a continual basis throughout each shift. People here are ignored continually because of minimum staffing and some employees who don’t want to work.
  25. Full disclosure of quantity of covid deaths within the facility. Covid was rampant here and the death was very high.
  26. Full disclosure of any serious injury or death caused to patients by staff members whether purposeful or accidental. Patients are abused here continually without any interference from anyone.
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