Why are you doing this?
The patients here are tortured at Saints Joachim and Anne Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. I was and continue to be tortured as of this writing. When I was presented with a bill for my stay and told if medicaid doesn’t pay for it I will have to pay. Since I brought here forcefully without any choice in the matter and never promised to pay orally or in written form or any other way. Nor anyone on my behalf promised to pay in any way, shape or form. This angered me. That after this torture I was presented a bill.

Do you expect the nursing home to concede on all your demands?
I expect for us to negotiate and come to some agreement that would likely be a compromise.

What if the nursing home sues you?
I’m not afraid because I’m judgment proof according to NY State law. I don’t have anything that they can collect a judgment against.

What will happen if a compromise is not reached?
I will continue telling the world what goes on at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing facility. I will tell all of social media, family members of current patients, prospective clients of the nursing home and television and radio reporters who I have contacts with.

Mikhail AKA Mike, are you a bad and nasty person?
If the nursing home actually rectified the things I complained about I wouldn’t have to be bad and nasty.

What will happen if the nursing home with the help of their attorneys writes you a cease and desist letter in paper or electronic form or files a case in court?
It will anger me ten times more than I’m already angry. I will not stop without a court order taking my website away. I will widely disseminate throughout (regardless if my website is taken away) the internet with real stories of what happens here to the point if you Google the name of the facility in any way completely or abbreviated, Google the name of reckless employees with their occupation,  Google the name of a sleazy law firm involved in covering this up and Google the name of a sleazy attorney involved in the case. There will be Articles, infographics, text turned to videos and PowerPoint slides coming up forever of what has happened. Any prospective customer of the nursing home and of the law firm will find this information forever on the internet. Any prospective employer doing background research wanting to hire this reckless employee or sleazy attorney will see this data. They will not only see this website but about 2000 other very high ranking Web 2.0 websites with high domain authority. These sites include but not limited to YouTube , Vimeo, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Blogger, and over 2000 other websites that Google views as very authoritative and will display any fully or partially matching search query at the very top of results. A search for the future name of this nursing home, ” Saints Joachim and Anne Nursing and Rehabilitation Center “, ” Saints Joachim and Anne Nursing Home “,  ” SJAN “, ” Joachim and Anne Nursing “,  an employee’s name if it not common, an employee’s name and occupation regardless how common the name is, an employee’s name and the nursing home’s name with lots of variations of the nursing home’s name,  a law firm’s name, a lawyer’s name if it is uncommon, a lawyer’s name with his law firm’s name if his name is common with word and spelling variations will all bring a flood of stories about the nursing home, the law firm or the person in question.  Most of the keywords above are uncompetitive searches on search engines. The internet will contain several million pieces of content, with a large percentage of them ranking very high for pivotal search queries of interested parties looking on Google, Bing and minor search engines. What is the proper approach to deal with me? Just contact me and negotiate with me. I’m a reasonable guy.

Mikhail AKA Mike, what if the nursing home kills you? Will that solve their problems?

What will happen if the nursing home tries to be sneaky and changes it’s name?

It is incredibly easy for me to resubmit all the media back to every single Web 2.0 site. It takes very little effort on my part.

How much will it cost for the nursing to remove this content from every single Web 2.0 site?

Once I saturate the internet with this information it will be impossible to remove even by me because the software creates the accounts automatically and the software can’t log in and remove any articles, images and video after submitting. Nobody can remove this information, not even me, unless your lawyer wants to contact over 2000 one by one and go to the grueling process of proving to each and every site that there is cause for removal. This process alone can cost 4 million to 8 million dollars because of the quantity of websites. Of course I can just put this information back up at any time as well. I’m also judgment proof.

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