Cries For Help On Facebook Part VIII

This is very urgent. The nursing home is trying to save money on every little thing. They have gotten a new brand of suction tubes. These are very stiff and when they go inside my trachea I feel pain and that it is scraping and damaging the tissues inside my trachea, bronchial tubes and probably my lungs. Every single person who wants to help call the nursing home right now and tell them that I’m in pain, it is destructive to my tissues inside my whole breathing track.
Every person who says not to call stay off this post please. Call immediately 7187144800, call all these extensions 3005 nursing supervisor, 3026 nursing station and there are others 3027,3028,3029. please share also but make sure you call now.

call the ambulance. Tell them my eyes are in pain from the beaming lights that the nursing home left aimed at me.

I remember how Dina Quinteros tortured me for two hours with me choking and she wouldn’t come. Then finally when I called the ambulance and they came she ran into my room ahead of them and pressed the suction button on my tube to suck out the bulk of the flem without them noticing and then when they were looking she actually went in deep into my throat and said to them, see there is nothing, a baby can’t even suffocate from this. This is what happens at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home.

Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home. They have cut one cna off each shift. Not only that they now have a patient on the floor that needs to be held down because he tries to run away from the facility because of abuse. There is nobody to respond to call bells for up to two hours. They have so little staffing it has fallen below the bare minimum. At night there is nobody to wash me.

Saints Joachim and Anne Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. There are a lot of people here that are unprofessional and the nursing home wasn’t doing anything about them. There is no discipline here and no penalties. They continue to work poorly and abuse patients. Complaints go unanswered. I turned to the internet to highlight these issues. Really it shouldn’t be like this. Most of these people would have been fired a long time ago if this was corporate America or the police department. Try acting like these people act in the police department and you will be under investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau very soon. You will have command disciplines, lost vacation days and if you want to continue they will eventually fire you and take your pension. In corporate America they will give you three months to get your act together and bye bye. If you work in a mom and pop business and you are rude to customers and I’m not even talking about abusing customers the boss will yell at you so hard you will pee in your pants. However, here there is lots of disorder and nobody does anything. If I was running the show I would have complaints investigated immediately and if anyone seems like a problem I would start firing to make an example out of them. Everyone would quickly fall in line or just quit. There are plenty of people looking for jobs in the medical field. These bad apples can be replaced quickly. I would also reward good employees with extras such as bonuses, time off and gifts.

Dina Quinteros continues to come to work and endanger me. When she is here there are periods of time if I go into respiratory distress there is nobody to help me at all. The problem has not been solved.

Natasha Charles the worst CNA at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home. She just tortures patients. Every time I would ask her to get the respiratory therapist because I was choking. She would leave and say she will get the respiratory therapist. She would never return and the respiratory therapist never would come. One day I asked for the respiratory therapist and she told me that this time she will really get the respiratory therapist and she came back with the respiratory therapist. It turns out that all the other times I requested the respiratory therapist she just promised, left and didn’t do anything. Imagine you went to a restaurant and you ordered food and the waitress promised to come back with food, in actuality just decided to ignore you and never came back. Imagine you are at a bank and you go up to the bank teller, explain your problem and she just leaves and never comes back. Real funny, isn’t it? That is what happens here.

This story is about the worst CNA at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home. Her name is Natasha Charles. When she is your cna you are guaranteed to suffer. All the times that I had her she left me dirty with remnant urine and feces all over me. She doesn’t even really clean you. She wets a towel slightly and scrubs certain areas of your body moving the urine and feces all around your body. She does this because she doesn’t want to wet the bed so she doesn’t have to change the bed sheets. She basically just leaves you in a filthy bed drenched in sweat, urine with feces in certain spots. She only wipes a few parts of your body and leaves many parts dirty. While she cleans you, she tosses you from side to side ignoring all signs of breathing difficulty with saliva running out of your mouth and flowing all over your mouth, lips, chin and neck. She brushes your teeth violently ripping your gums. She yells at you and is very abusive. After she finishes she doesn’t set up anything. Your hands will be twisted, computer misaligned, your body left uncovered and cold, with you left slanted oddly in bed.

Dina Quinteros continues to come to work and endanger me. Today the other respiratory therapist was on break and I had to wait about an hour to get suction. This is her

Yesterday the only respiratory therapist on duty left the floor with ventilator patients and went to lunch without even a registered nurse on the floor and nobody to come to the aid of a patient in respiratory distress. This is what happens at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home. I nearly suffocated yesterday. I had to call the ambulance and the police yesterday to get help.

Dina Quinteros is a respiratory therapist who refuses to respond to me even when she is directly responsible for my care. She has been here almost every day for the past ten days and the nursing home is trying to cover it up. Some staff here lie to me whether she is at work. This is her

the supervisor that slept all night again was supervisor Amsterdam. He mismanages CNAs. And the CNAs themselves do a terrible job.

the night shift left me in horrible shape. I need the following. move diaper to the right, wash eyes from soap, fix hands, fix sleeves, move feeding tube away from arm, raise legs,, lower head, raise bed, rotate computer, pull up in bed , slant towards the closet , wrinkles behind back, fix head towel, cleaned poorly. Move breathing tubes. This job is even worse than usual.

The respiratory therapist just told me ” what did I say, don’t call me every hour “

again I’m waiting for suction a very long time and supervisor Amsterdam is sleeping in his office and not managing people.

Today Supervisor Brim at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home purposefully put CNAs on my floor that don’t know me or know me and do a terrible job and sent the CNAs that know me and do a good job to other floors on purpose. I got stuck with cna Hernandez. She did an awful job. She didn’t even bother cleaning my left leg, the underside of my right leg, my stomach and the right side of my back. She left me drenched in sweat with remnant urine on me. Another cna helped her a little for a short while. She is the reason I was even cleaned in the places that I was cleaned. Hernandez left me completely disheveled with the breathing tubes undone, my hands crooked, the bed placed in an uncomfortable position, the feeding tube going through the gown under my armpit, the foot pillow very high, the computer turned away from me so I could barely type. An ambulance was called and I told them that I want to see the supervisor. I told her that I want her name and the name of the cna. Brim refused to give me her name and stood behind me when I turned my head to see her name tag and Hernandez doesn’t even wear a name tag to purposefully hide her identity. Eventually other staff had to help me after me waiting a long time and the ems got me the name of supervisor Brim and cna Hernandez. Please share.

at Saints Joachim and Anne nursing home with only one respiratory therapist on duty a large part of the day. If two respiratory emergencies happen at the same time one patient will die. This is what the owners of the nursing home have decided to increase profits. Share this please and call the media. Call the nursing home and tell them that this is not acceptable. Phone number 7187144800

I would like people to call the nursing home and find out the administrator’s name. 7187144800

The supervisor that sleeps all night. Mr Amsterdam. He doesn’t monitor any staff members because he is MIA. This is the reason I get poor care on the weekends at night. I have to figure out which supervisors do nothing here because I’m getting very bad care on the night shift by the CNAs when certain supervisors are working.

yeah, real nice how nobody comes for three fucking hours here at the same time people are sitting at the nurse’s station surfing the internet on their cellphones.The cameras have to reviewed in fast motion every night.

The night CNAs complain to me that I write about them on Facebook. Well do a better job and I won’t be writing. Every morning I waste an hour or two straightening out what they didn’t do.

I wasted over two hours getting the mess the night CNAs left straightened out. Nobody on the day shift wants to fix the shitty job the night shift does. They are angry because they have their own work to do and not fix the shitty work the last shift did. The problem is Mr Amsterdam sleeping all night. The day shift supervisor won’t give me his full name.

the supervisor who sleeps all night and doesn’t supervise the CNAs working turns out to be Mr. Amsterdam. That is who does nothing and allows the night CNAs to do nothing also.

Cries For Help On Facebook Part VIII

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